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Myslowice Investment Offer

Mysłowice is a city with the attractive location at the intersection of traffic routes and in the centre of huge markets. It is close to economic and cultural metropolitan areas in southern Poland.

It has a varied natural topography and a lot of green areas. You can buy there attractive plots for residential and economic development. Socio-economic transformations contributed to the dynamic growth of trade and the minor role of the heavy industry. Thanks to that, many ecological plans were formulated and they concerned reducing exhaust emissions, redeveloping brownfields and post-industrial areas, managing waste disposal and water and waste water. The economic development of the city is managed in line with the City Development Strategy for the years 2004-2020.

An international logistics centre can serve as an example of the investments located in Mysłowice. It currently offers storage area, a good road location and jobs for the citizens of Mysłowice.


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